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Inshore Fishing Forecast

March thru May (Spring)
Early Spring is a transition month on the northern gulf coast.  Cold fronts are still passing through and frost is possible until Easter.  By late March, water temps are on the rise and the fish are hungry.  Trout and redfish are the norm until mid-April, when the migratory fish start their return.  Spanish mackerel, ladyfish, bluefish, jack crevalle, flounder, pompano, and cobia make an exciting mixed bag.  Oh, did I mention the trout and redfish bite continues to get better. By May, everything is in full swing, cold fronts are gone, temps are warm, and fish are still hungry.  Near-shore trips will also include sea bass, and grouper.  If the winds allow a short venture offshore these fish will provide action all spring.

June thru August (Summer)
The month of June can continue the great Spring fishing as temps warm into the higher 80’s.  This will bring the return of tarpon, and a chance of a lifetime shot at the Silver King.  Afternoon thunder showers are possible and it will get hot in July and August.  Fishing trips are best to be planned early and late, you can avoid the heat and fishing will also peak at these times.  July also kicks off the beginning of scallop season, and last through early September.  This is a great way to cool off after a morning of fishing.

September thru December (Fall)
September and October will find the end of the scorching summer heat.  As temps fall, the reverse Spring pattern returns, and fishing again peaks.  Record number of trout return to the flats and redfish start to school into larger groups.  As fish gorge in preparation for the winter, early Fall can be the best fishing of the year.  By November, cold fronts return and North-East winds will blow 2 to 3 days following.  These fronts will push migratory fish South, and send trout and redfish into rivers and creeks.  Timing is everything, as fishing will continue to be productive, especially the days proceeding the next front. Near-shore fishing for those grouper and sea bass will also peak during Fall.  Bottom fishing and trolling shallow plugs will be the choice.

December thru March (Winter)
Winter is in full affect by December, and only the hardiest fisherman are on the water.  Again, timing is everything, the days proceeding passing cold fronts can be warm and sunny.  These warm days can lead to a tremendous redfish and trout bite.  Fishing will be concentrated in creeks and rivers, as the fish will rise and fall with the tides.  Winter can be the best time to introduce kids to fishing. Find a warm day and the concentrated fish make perfect targets and provide high numbers of fish.

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